Ruth has been running Yoga Creative Retreats for 3 years where she offers people to come to specially selected inspirational venues to make and learn her techniques and processes as well as learn about her philosophy of Creative Seasonal Living, working outside in nature as much as possible, using plant based essential oils to support a healthy life, yoga and working with materials from the earth – wood, stone, clay and metal.

Ruth believes that all of these elements help her to be a grounded and balanced person and allows creativity to take her wherever it needs to at whatever part of her life she is in. Life is an exciting journey so come along and join in with whatever tickles your fancy!!!

I have been a yogi for 10 years, 6 years practicing Ashtanga and also trying out loads of styles to accommodate my tired and overworked sculptors body. Three years ago I completed my Seasonal Yoga TT200 hours with Sue Wood in Cobham over 1 year of weekends which was the only way I could incorporate into my already busy life. I have attended some advanced Seasonal Yoga Training’s and also 2 years ago undertook 50 hours training in Teen Yoga with Charlotta Martinus.

Since then I have been to many workshops, festivals and classes to develop my practice, I received 10 hours of 1:1 with Dot Bowen (Scaravelli Teacher), attended classes with Simon Low, Catherine Ellis and The Space ( Ashatanga immersion). I attended an ashram in Rishikesh for a week and also a retreat in Gower with The Travelling Yogi to name a few.

I enjoy moving , dancing and flowing and let music lead my movement. I focus on the breath to  lead movement and I also like finding stillness and peace in more static postures too. Feeling the way the posture feels inside, what emotions it triggers. My classes are inspired from all my teachers and combine many aspects in one class.

I enjoy teaching beginners and use my 20 years of experience in teaching art workshops to all levels to help me use my intuition, giving options for all levels in a general class.

As well as teaching teens in various places in Surrey I teach a yin /restorative class on Mondays and a vinyasa flow classon Thursdays, all Seasonally  inspired.

I teach Men’s Yoga  as well as a learning disability class and a 1:1 to a ME sufferer.

Please do get in touch to discuss anything.